No News is…What, Exactly?

Posted: September 13, 2013 in Uncategorized
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It’s almost at that point.

Another week has come and gone, with no communication from agents or publishers. I keep hearing that no news is good news, but I’m beginning to question that adage. No news is just no news, and that isn’t necessarily good, now is it? Yes, it’s still very early in the process, and I am dreadfully aware of that. I am also aware, however, that patience has never been a strength of mine, a fact to which anyone who has known me for more than fifteen minutes or so can readily attest.

I love writing. I love that it enables me to access the deep dark stuff and bring it into the light, play with it a while, and maybe even let it go from time to time. I’m used to that, comfortable with it. Where I have difficulty, however, is now having to go into marketing mode, which is totally different, and somehow snag the attention of an overburdened agent, to make them stand up at their desk and proclaim to the world, “Holy shite! This is what I’ve been waiting for, what I’ve been working toward all my life!”

Because it’s that bloody good. Crap. I mean, I think it is that good, but where is the line between confidence and arrogance? How does one tread that narrow trail without falling into the abyss on either side? I mean, here in this forum, I can sit back and say that I rather like my weird little story, and that I think it’s pretty good, but when out in public, after Epic Steph has purposely brought it up to strangers, I go completely mute, or close to it. Close enough that I’d be better off not speaking at all. I think I’ve already covered this in a previous post. Damn.

How do writers deal with the mind-bending stress of the waiting? I’m barely a drinker, I don’t smoke anymore, and writing is my only vice. So…how to indulge in a vice to escape the anxiety, when the vice itself the cause of that anxiety?

Yeah. Chew on that a while.

I watched two movies today, wrote essays on each of them, and am about to get into a third; I’m so thankful that I have this outlet, this vessel into which I can dump the lunacy that the waiting is causing. I remember thinking how pretentious it was that Stephen King wrote a story (or was it two?) about a writer going mental over writing, that to draw attention to his own self for doing what he did was such an absolute wank. But now I get it. No, I’m not going to do a story about the sweet agony of the creative process, the labor of love and a bunch of other, pithy junk about writing – I’m simply saying that I sort of get it. And I guess I’m doing something of the same thing by venting it out on this site. But hey, feel free to bail on this at any point, because I know, better than most, that this is just me, killing time, and waiting the interminable wait.

Screw it. Movie time.


  1. Stephanie says:

    You are an amazing writer. The story is brilliant. The right publisher will see that.

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