wickerman_burnsI’ve got a new essay over at Zombie Hamster, after a brief hiatus. This time, I took a look at what is considered by many to be the greatest of all British horror films, The Wicker Man (1973). This was a perennial favorite at the local repertory movie house in the town where I grew up, playing several times a year in the 1970s and 1980s, before the theatre changed into an independent / art house cinema. Being a natural-born horror geek, it intrigued me, but was one of those few films that I wasn’t allowed to see just yet.

Anyway, I eventually saw it in my late teens, and just didn’t get it. Most of the film takes place in broad daylight, there are no obvious monsters, no blood, none of the traditional earmarks of what most of us consider horror. Fast forward to now, and I got my hands on the out-of-print director’s cut, which restored around eleven minutes from the theatrical release.

This time, I got it. Now, I count this amazing film as one of my personal favorites. Check it out:

The Wicker Man at Zombie Hamster

What do you think?

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