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midvaleIt’s been a few weeks since the first round of submissions to agents. I’ve received two rejections but other than that, nothing. Nada. Every agency and publisher I wrote to stated very clearly that it will take at least four to six weeks for a response.

I am aware of this.

And yet, I’m stuck in limbo and it sucks. Because of a number of things in the last month or so, I’m feeling stuck in a rut of non-creativity, and while there are things that need doing, I can’t seem to do them. I have a new review to post for Zombie Hamster, but thus far lack the skills to successfully upload it myself. I have a film to watch and review, but can’t seem to find a way to watch Region 2 dvds on my computer. Everyone says it’s easy, but it’s just not happening.

Treading water is not good, and the frustration is mounting. I can’t focus on new stories, I desperately want an agent to simply take a chance with me, and get this thing on track.

I’ve never been good with patience.

On a more personal note, I lost a friend and co-worker this week. We’ve all been dealing with the shock and sorrow of it, and I think the cracks are beginning to show. I’m definitely feeling rushed, because this big life thing happened, and it reminds me that this time we have is short, which fuels the fire to get my book out there, and adds to the frustration over the process that I know, I know, takes time. My friend, the one who passed on, commented in this blog that she couldn’t wait to read my story, and now she’s gone. 

It’s not about my story. It’s about the clock ticking for all of us, and the need to realize this dream before it’s too late, to make the most of whatever time is allotted, to not waste any more time. 


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