Another Saturday Night

Posted: April 20, 2013 in Uncategorized
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The end of a long work week, and the last thing I want to do is work more. So here I am, working.

It’s not a story night; there’s a lot of admin stuff I’ve been putting off, things that pertain to the publishing end of this project. Fortunately the Mrs, my perpetual cheerleader, is completely supportive of sacrificing the evening to this venture. So, I’ve written off to a potential source for info on mental health facilities, because a significant part of the story takes place in one. I’ve watched documentaries, read everything I can get my hands on, but what I need, really need, is to tour a facility, to see the day-to-day life of the patients, how they live, and to experience firsthand the mood, the feel of such a place. Fingers heavily crossed.

I registered a domain for this blog, which I’ve decided to call Rogue Highways. I think it describes what I’m trying to do quite well, and am very happy with it. Set up a corresponding email address for it as well. What else…since I’m doing electronic publishing for the novel, it’s down to me to do all the publicity and marketing. I made some business cards, they’ll be here in two weeks. Contacted a photographer for stills, and still need to contact a potential editor, then touch base with an old friend to do the book cover. All these details should be reconciled by nights’ end, which will free me up for the next two days off from my day gig, which I’ll spend writing.

I’m exhausted. This business of writing, it’s much more than just telling the story.

I’m so happy, it’s stupid.


  1. talyn marie says:

    Good luck and good for you. I have debated self publishing myself and will be watching to see how it goes for you. Keep us informed on how it goes. What do you think your cover will look like?

    • Hiya, and thanks for your message! I was not into going the self-publishing route until I read an article in Wired Magazine regarding the rise of electronic publishing, and now I’m running headlong into it. Aside from finishing the book, the cover is the next hurdle. I have some rough ideas but nothing I’m really in love with as yet. I made a banner for my FB profile that may or may not influence the cover design. How’s that for vague?

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